Oliver G Pike


Oliver Pike wrote many books and articles for newspapers and magazines in a writing career that stretched from before 1900 to well after the end of the Second World War.

His books were mainly about birds and other wildlife in Britain, and they always contained his photographs.  He wrote for young people as well as for adults. He contributed his photographs and knowledge to publications by other authors and took part in several collaborative works.

He wrote books telling how he took his pictures and films.
Several of his books were published in the USA and some were translated into other languages.

In Birdland Cover

In Birdland, with Field Glass and Camera

This was Oliver Pike's first book, published in 1900 with a photograph of him on the cover taking a picture of a nest in a tree.

The book was centred on the birds and nests that he found while out walking in the lanes and fields around Winchmore Hill. In those days the area was much more rural than it is today.

There are heartfelt appeals for stopping the trade in feathers for the hat trade, and to stop the collecting of birds' eggs.